Luxury Smart Home and Security

Own the power and elegance previously limited to high-priced custom home automation systems.

Private & Secure

Multi-zone Music


With Umbrela, someone is always Home

Simulate you are at home

Umbrela simulates human presence while you are away, by activating lights or playing music at random intervals, making intruders believe someone is at home

Disaster Detection

Umbrela can detect and alert change in abnormal temperature or humidity which indicate fire, flood or freeze

Motion Detection

Umbrela is always on guard. Enabled with sophisticated motion detection and heat sensing technology

Event Recording

You can also program Umbrela to take videos of activity in your home which you can access via the Umbrela app - anytime, anywhere.

Immediate Response

Umbrela can respond with loud siren, flashing all lights, notify on authorized phones and activate remove camera views

Zone based Response

Umbrela lets you program different responses for independent areas of your home

Hardware Features



Umbrela is an experience

Customized light control, mood lighting and presets, play music by your mood


Hardware Features



Umbrela comes standard with rich sound capabilities and unparalleled music control features. Access and play locally stored music or live internet radio.

Stream a synchronized song throughout your home on each panel, or give others the ability to enjoy different music on each individual panel. Volume can also be adjusted for each panel individually or as a group.

Hardware Features

Multi Music


Streamlined Temperature Control

Gone are the days of fighting over the temperature in your home and relying on a single thermostat location. Adjust your surrounding temperature from any Umbrela panel to individually control the heating or cooling of any room or zone you are in.

Umbrela also acts as a single control for all of your IR appliances such as remote controlled fans, heaters, or air conditioners. Achieve the perfect temperature with ease – from one device.

Hardware Features

IR Blaster
HVAC Bridge


Customizable "If Then" Logic, Umbrela is in your hands

In addition to superior home security features, Umbrela’s suite of automations and custom alarms bring an extra layer of comfort and convenience to your home. For example, Umbrela can be programmed to turn on the lights when you walk into a room, open or close blinds based on sunlight, or activate the fan when heat and humidity levels rise.

Sleep soundly at night knowing Umbrela can wake you up gently with a sunrise effect on the wall - while your favourite music plays softly in the background.

Hardware Features

Motion Sensor
Light Sensor
Climate Sensor
Humidity Sensor
IR Blaster

Brains & Brawn

UCore is a robust smart home computing system and private cloud – providing you unparalleled access to your home and a secure storage system for your personal data. UCore is enabled with the latest powerline communication technology, featuring hardwired connectivity sent over your home’s existing wiring system, preventing a strain on your Wi-Fi network

Your Secure, Private Cloud

All of your voice commands, automation controls, and surveillance footage are stored within UCore, which only you can access. Rest assured knowing your personal information and data are secure within your private, home-based cloud.

UCore does NOT store or process your data on the internet like other loT or connected devices. UCore does NOT send voice commands or your conversations to the internet like other devices on the market.

Device Connectivity

Connect commercially available door locks, window sensors, water leak sensors and more to the UCore. Create an unparalleled smart home experience with the Umbrela system!

Internet Connectivity

Use your home internet connection, or subscribe to the mobile internet plan available for UCore in order to maintain complete control of your Umbrela system even when you are on the go!

Audio Manager

Connect your own music, and distribute to other sources via the audio out port.

Battery Backup Enabled – Always On, Always Secure

Combined with mobile internet, UCore’s backup battery keeps connectivity alive and your home on alert even in the case of a power outage.